You created my inmost being

Years ago, my kids and I memorized Psalm 139 together. It is still precious to my heart. It is the passage my heart turns to when I am in turmoil.

This month, October, in honor of infant loss awareness, and my own little one (Tommy) who was born still on September 15, 1998, and in recognition of the thousands of babies aborted every month in our country, please join me in prayer. Please join me in committing to pray for the moms at risk for abortion, as well as the other family members involved, and the staff of hospitals and abortion clinics.

This is a daily holocaust happening in our own country, our own cities.

Please, spread the word. This is not a right. This is the murder of a child not yet born.  Get involved. And pray.

Please, commit to pray daily for the sanctity of human lives yet to be born.

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