Teach Them Diligently


Deuteronomy 6:4-7

There is only one God. He is the Lord.

We are to love Him most. Love Him best. We are to cherish Him above all else. He is our everything.

We are to love Him with our WHOLE heart and soul and strength.

And because we love Him so dearly, with all our heart and soul and strength,  we are to keep His words on our heart, and we teach our children to love Him, too.

We will teach His Words to our children moment by moment, day by day, night by night, and year by year. Precept upon precept, we will teach them. We will teach them diligently, when we’re sitting at home, and when we’re out and about; whether we’re all alone or whether people are watching us at the grocery store.

We will teach our children to love Him, like we love Him, because He is so worthy of our love.

This is my prayer for me, and my family, and for you and yours.

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