My phone has not been updating the blog. So, I’m accumulating updates until I can get them online.o Lord I cried to you for help psalm 30

7.7 – 2pm update: Our girl is TITANIUM! Right now she is still mostly sleeping peacefully. The nurse is impressed by how well she is doing. She drank some apple juice. No nausea. Thank you, Father! We have gotten moved into a room. All is going INCREDIBLY, MIRACULOUSLY WELL! Please pray for continued pain relief.

7.7 – 9:30 pm update – Noelle has now thrown up 8 times. She’s had 3 doses of anti-nausea med in her IV. We’re looking at another nausea med, but it doesn’t go in the IV – either a pill, shot or suppository. Ugh. Please pray.

7.8 – 6am update -It’s a new day! His mercies are new every morning. Great is His faithfulness! Last night Noelle tried a different anti-nausea medicine. First we tried the pill – which she immediately threw up. Then, they gave her the suppository. She hasn’t thrown up since! Praise God! She just got another dose. Praying the vomiting is behind us.20160708_073946

7.8 – 4pm update – This morning, Noelle got out of bed for the first time. Her catheter has been removed and she has successfully “gone potty” in the toilet. They have discontinued her constant morphine drip. Now she has to push the button for a dose, which she hasn’t because she’s been sleeping since 11:30am. Noelle started several new medicines this morning. A stool softener by suppository + Miralax + a muscle relaxer pill + liquid Benadryl …. and she’s been sleeping ever since.20160708_131930

7.8 – 5pm update – Noelle woke up long enough to walk to the bathroom and go!  (YAY.)  Then, she went straight back to bed, took her next dose of a 1/2 pill of a muscle relaxer, take a few sips of coconut-almond-milk-hot-chocolate and blow a few times spirometer (a lung capacity thing).  Now she’s back asleep again.  Hmm….

7.8 – 6:30pm update – We got Noelle up again and sitting up straight in a wheelchair.  You have to be very careful with how she moves – has to stay straight backed, bend at hips, no pushing or pulling with her arms, etc.  But, she sat in the wheelchair for 30 minutes!  YAY!  Thank you for praying!


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