A week of updates on Titanium Girl

July 9, 7 am update – Please pray for Noelle. She has developed diarrhea. To complicate that, twice she has had it happen in the bed, which requires getting her out of bed, into the bathroom and everything cleaned up. Also, she had a temp of 100.9 once during the night, around 1am, but it’s back to normal now. The doctors will be here in a minute on their rounds, so pray for that too. Thankful for a new morning, filled with new mercies.

July 9, 9 am update – Guess who just ate their breakfast … and sat in a chair for 40 minutes … and walked the loop around the hall … and did her Spirometer 3 times! Up for 1 hour! Praise God! And the fever hasn’t returned.  Thank you for praying!

July 9, 1pm update – Doing better all the time! She’s been out of bed for another hour. Walked the hall and eating a good lunch. Yay! Off all morphine and awake more. No more temp! Praise Jesus!

Doing better all the time! She’s been out of bed for another hour. Walked the hall and eating a good lunch. Yay! Off all morphine and awake more. No more temp! Praise Jesus!

July 9 – 8pm update – What a difference a day makes! Lots of eating and walking with manageable pain levels. Please pray for the IV to be able to stay in until tomorrow … when Noelle might be DISCHARGED! Thank you for praying!

July 10 – 10am updateThe xray looks good. The doctor has issued discharge orders! She’ll be going home soon-ish.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Praise Him all creatures here below.  (By the way, the IV has made it!) Pray for pain management and healing as we begin life at home!

July 10 -5pm update – Thank You, Jesus, our great physician, for the miraculous recovery Noelle has made! We are home! Please continue to pray for her full healing as there’s still a long road ahead. Thank you all for praying.

Thank you’s to these special people who ministered to us so much. Dr. Trey Eubanks, nurses Sam, Haylea, Evelyn and Mary and our friendly “tour guide” ReTonya. Not pictured: Nurse-practitioner Beth and our first nurse, Kristen, plus countless others who served us. Thank you for an incredible experience at Lebonheur Hospital. Truly, thank you!

Noelle was discharged just hours before a big Black Lives Matter rally in downtown Memphis.  Our hearts grieve for our broken city and we pray for reconciliation and unity within the body of Christ here.

July 11 – 1pm update – We made it through the night. Please keep praying for us. Last night while getting ready for bed, Noelle had her worst pain yet. It was so hard to see her crying in pain. Still a long road ahead. We’re trying to balance better today and stay on top of the pain.

July 13 – 1pm update – I’d say she’s making an incredible recovery! Thank you all for praying. Noelle has been coloring lots of gorgeous pictures (thank you to those who gave her coloring supplies). Also, she’s gotten up and about to get the mail and visit the chickens and even make homemade lemonade! We are cutting back on the Percocet, but continuing the other pain meds as scheduled. Praise God, the giver of every good gift.

July 16 – 10pm update – Noelle is doing AMAZING.  It is incredible that 9 days ago she had a titanium bar placed in her chest.  Twice a day, she is taking Naproxen, a muscle relaxer and a “nerve pain” medicine, but her pain level is minimal.  Our struggle is keeping her activity level down and not to watch too much TV.  Today she walked a couple blocks in our neighborhood and ran a couple errands with me.  We give thanks to God for granting her such a miraculous recovering, and give thanks to our many friends and family who have blessed us by their gifts and prayers.









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