What to do when you hear, “MOM! I’m BORED!”

This DARLING little girl feeding a bottle to a baby pig, is none other than my very own mom.  I like to imagine that when she was growing up on a working farm, she didn’t have many opportunities to sit around with nothing to do, though I imagine that’s probably not true.

But, in today’s American entertainment culture, I find my children often “bored” and looking for something to do.  Are any of you like me where you can’t think of something quickly for your kids to do when they’re “BORED?”  This is particularly prevalent in the summertime when our days are not quite so filled with schoolwork.

So, several years back I came up with this list and posted it inside a kitchen cabinet.  Do you have any ideas you’d like to add?  I’d love to hear them!

You can download the list in Word format by clicking here:  BOREDOM CHORES LIST


Computer desk

Straighten and dust Fireplace/Mantle

Dry sink

Kitchen cabinet fronts

Inside fridge

Inside microwave

Vacuum 1st floor


Pick up stairs

Vacuum Stairs

Mop tile

Sweep floor

Ceiling fans

Front porch and walkway

Clean outside patio

Pick up backyard

Dog poop

Laundry room



Light switches

Refill soap and toilet paper

Organize bathroom cabinets

Clean windows

Fold Laundry

Sort & wash laundry

Clean laundry room

Take out ALL trash

Clean under beds

Clean closet

Sharpen pencils

Organize school bookshelf

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