The little things

Have you ever felt like a request you have is simply too little to bother God about?

Earlier this week, while I was in the hospital with my dad, he told me that he’d really like a big straw. Since he was having such a hard time talking, this request was a big deal to me, but, let’s be real, in the scheme of life who really cares about a big straw???

God does. GOD DOES.

After striking out two days in a row in the hospital cafeteria and with our floor nurses, I asked a woman in scrubs who was waiting for an elevator in the lobby. “Do you know where I could find a big straw for my dad?”

Her response blew my mind, “Sure, if you can get off on the fourth floor with me, I’ll get you one. My floor provides them for the patients.”

Five minutes later, I was the proud owner of not only a big flexible straw, but also a 1,000 ml marked plastic mug.

I returned to my dad’s room, calling out, “Happy Father’s Day, Dad,” with tears in my eyes.

God sees us. God hears us. And God cares about us. He is God over the little things like big straws.

How have you seen God provide for you in the little things? I’d love to hear your story of PRAISE!

Is there something today that you are seeking God for? I’d love to join you in prayer!

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