40 Day Social Media Fast – Day 1

Whatever keeps me from my Bible is my enemy, however harmless it may appear. – A.W. Tozer

Today is my first day of forty days focused on realigning my heart to seek first the kingdom of Heaven and what God wants that to look like for me.

I’m also sure it’s no coincidence that today is also the 22nd anniversary of our baby boy’s birth. Losing our son, Tommy, at only 16 weeks gestation began a new trajectory for my life as I began seeking the Lord in earnest as never before.

Pray for my heart to recognize that Jesus is the highest good, that He is way more important than how many shares our likes I get.

I think I’ll still be sharing my heart on my blog and scheduling things to be posted onto my FB group at “Teach What Is Good,” but won’t be checking likes or comments. But we will see how they goes.

If you’d like to chat, send me a direct message or text or give me a call on the phone.


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