One Week of One on One

I wonder what it would be like to be the youngest of four.

Yes, I had a sister, but only one.  I do remember spending summer vacations sometimes by myself with my grandparents.  It was both fun and lonely.

This week it was just me and Daniel.  Me and Bubba.  Me and my little guy.

While Daddy, and the big brother and sisters were in Reynosa, Mexico for a mission trip to Rio Bravo Children’s Home, Daniel and I stayed home to play house together.

So, you may wonder, what did we do?

Well, we played lots of lots of Risk.  I think 7 games so far.  I’m up 4 games to 3.

We taught ourselves to play chess with an Usborne book.

We brought Daniel’s mattress into Mom and Dad’s room so he could sleep on the floor in my room.

We began reading “How God Used a Thunderstorm” together and listened to a bunch of exciting American History stories from Adventures in Odyssey.  Daniel was particularly taken with the courageous stories of Sergeant York during World War I.

We went to Aldi together to buy all the necessary vittles for a week without eating out, including Moose Tracks ice cream and ice cream cones.

We ate simple things like egg sandwiches and chocolate chip zucchini muffins and waffles with fresh sliced strawberries and biscuits with sausage patties.  Three meals a day.

We spent some time apart.  Mommy took a few hours a day to work on finishing the formatting for the Bible study guide she’s working on while Daniel napped or read books by himself or watched something on Right Now Media.

We checked out a few DVDs at the library to watch snuggled on the couch.

We went bowling at the local bowling alley.

We played MLB 2K11 on XBox – Daniel won 3 for 3.  No contest.  I just can’t seem to figure it out.

We got our swimming suits on and took a bubble bath together in Mommy’s giant jacuzzi.

We took care of each other while we took turns battling fevers, and sore throats and sinus gunk.

We did the required household chores (even the ones that weren’t “ours”), like sweeping and cooking and laundry and taking care of the dogs.


Most importantly, we made many, many memories that I trust will last a lifetime.


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