These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Part 1 – Scheduling


Daily Order –

  • The kids school work is divided into morning and afternoon, but not so much TIME dependent, as ORDER dependent
  • Have daily checklist for chores & for school work

“Managers of their Home” by Terri Maxwell at

  • This helped me to make the daily lists.
  • Start with WHAT you want to accomplish in a WEEK, then find a realistic time for it. It might not be every day.  If you want time with each child each day, or each week – schedule that.  If you want time for a project you’re working on – schedule that.


  • These grow with your kids. Start with what the youngest can do and work up from there.  Give each child the same # of chores, but not the same difficulty level.
  • As a younger one becomes able to do it, shuffle the chores.
  • Work yourself out of a job.
  • Spend the summers training your kids how to do their own responsibilities.
  • Give each child a “jurisdiction” they’re responsible for. Do this daily.
  • When they’re little work in the same area of the house as the little ones.
  • Check their work before they have free time.

Monthly Break-down or Homeschool Tracker

  • Monthly breakdown = Use this for younger, parent-directed students. Plan out where you should be each month, building in some free time, giving more time off when you need it.
  • HST = Use this for older, independent students. Enter everything over the summer, then assign it weekly

Plan Long-Term Goals

  • If you’re not using ABEKA or another prepackaged curriculum for 12 years straight, it is very helpful to roughly plan out your years with the end in mind.

Make your own “Independent Drill book”

  • This includes things they can do independently, especially for memorizing
  • Terrific to free up your time to work one-on-one with a child who needs help
  • Make colorful “posters” or add workbook pages they need to practice
  • Math facts, Grammar, History/Science, Scripture memory, Spelling Rules
  • Break it down with daily tabs (M-F)

Timers & Alarm Clocks

  • Use your kitchen stove timer, or a timer on your phone – for getting kids to work LONGER/FASTER or to cut down on them being OVERWHELMED
  • Use a nap button on an alarm clock or a CD to keep them productive in their rooms
  • Alarm clocks to wake them in the morning & to get ready for bed at night

Google Calendar

  • “To do” list, “Groceries” list
  • Birthdays, schedule dates with husband & individual children
  • Repeating activities
  • Multiple shared calendars for husband & older children

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