These are a Few of my Favorite Things – Part 2 – Bible & Language Arts


  • Story Bibles – Egermeier Storybook Bible, Leading Little Ones to God, ESV Illustrated Family Bible
  • Bible notebooks
  • Scripture Typer
  • Hymnals
  • Everyone have their own Bible in the same translation


Abeka Basic Phonics flash cards

  • Play games – lay them out on the floor & have them jump on them or play memory with them

Rod & Staff ABC Workbooks

  • Train them to follow your directions, to do their best, to work independently. Use this to prepare them to do harder schoolwork later.

Pathway Readers

  • Initially we read the stories 2-3 days in a row and break down the workbook activities 1-2 pages each day. We take turns reading a paragraph at a time.
  • The workbooks are great for teaching vocabulary and phonics and other language arts skills like alphabetizing and syllables.
  • For your younger ones, esp ones who struggle with their penmanship, don’t be afraid to have them dictate their answers to you. You’re working toward independence & excellence, but this can take time.  Work up to it.

Handwriting without Tears

Climbing to Good English

  • Started in 3rd I don’t want to spend a year teaching “this is a noun” when my child isn’t ready to comprehend that.  Have them memorize the definitions of nouns, verbs, adverbs, etc when they’re little, but don’t waste too much time on things they’re not mature enough to understand.
  • Sometimes too much busy work, so we might do only every other problem.
  • Includes poetry and writing activities!

Easy Grammar

  • No writing component. You can alternate with “Climbing to Good English.”

All About Spelling

  • Teacher intensive. Includes plenty of review.
  • Great for students who need audio-visual-kinesthetic approach
  • (For my child who learns spelling words quickly & easily, we use “Practical Spelling” which is an old school, inexpensive workbook of word lists + practice with Spelling

  • Pre-enter the word lists over the summer, then just assign them monthly
  • I use a preset of 10 activities – beginning with pretests, ending with post-tests
  • Keeps track of their scores
  • Some activities take too long, so don’t assign those.  🙂


  • After their penmanship curriculum ends, then introduce “Journibles” for Bible “Copywork”

Victory Drill Book

  • Teaches fluency in reading. Fluent readers are good readers.


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