These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Part 4 – Extras & Audio-Visual


Small dry erase boards & markers

  • My favorite favorites! Use black EXPO ULTRA-FINE tip dry erase markers.
  • Magnet the dry erase board to the back of a metal door or fridge for storage.
  • Use for spelling, for math facts, for contests between kids
  • Keep one on the fridge to keep track of any “consequences” your kids earn during the day or things you need to do later so you don’t forget

Page protectors

  • Enables you to reuse worksheets for multiple kids or for practice
  • Put mazes and preschool workbooks in page protectors
  • Keep chore lists in page protectors & post them

“Eye Lighter” or reading guides

  • Love these for the struggling reader to help them keep their place.
  • These are see-through to encourage them to look on to the next line for better fluency, rather than blocking that.

Reusable sticky index tabs

  • Use these in big textbooks or teacher’s guides

Reinforced notebook paper in 3-ring binders

  • Each child has one 3-ring binder for the year with tabs for their non-workbook paperwork, such as writing, history, science, etc.
  • Put their schoolwork checklist in the cover

Label Maker

  • Label the front of identical workbooks; Label drawers so kids know where to put away their stuff


Audio Dramas & Books on CD

  • Our culture has become extremely VISUAL. This is a way to train our AUDITORY skills.  An excellent way to make use of time in the car

Focus on the Family Radio Theater

  • Narnia, Anne of Green Gables, Secret Garden, Les Miserables, The Hiding Place, Ben Hur and many, many more!
  • Dramatic retellings – NOT unabridged readings of the books

Lamplighter Theater

  • Radio Theater taken from old books. Very well done with a great message.

Jonathan Park

  • Like “Adventures in Odyssey” – audio drama series with a creation focus

Brinkman Adventures

  • Similar to “Jonathan Park” – but stories have a missionary focus

YouTube Videos

  • Math Antics – the best videos we’ve found for teaching math concepts in a step-by-step easy-to-comprehend way
  • Exercise videos – either watch “real” exercise videos or put on a worship song with a fast beat and march around the room with hand motions. Great to start the day, or break it up when there’s too much brain work.
  • Science or History videos – on those days when we’re not doing a hands on science or History activity – we do a quick search for a video
  • Worship song lyrics – great any time you need to refocus. You can make a “playlist” and have them playing in the background while you’re doing your chores, etc.  Low energy when you need that, or high energy when you need that.
  • You can find me on YouTube as FormerAtheist58


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