These are a Few of My Favorite Things – Part 3 – Math, Science, History, Geography


  • Remember, your child’s character, is MORE important than their ability to do math. Not understanding math (or grammar or reading …) is not a character issue, complaining & being lazy & fearful is.  Encourage them with this!

Math U See

  • Love Steve Demme’s teaching. We watch the video together weekly to make sure I teach correctly.
  • Manipulatives are very helpful for kinesthetic (hands-on) learners
  • Not a lot of drill for math facts.

Rapid Recall Math Facts

  • Visual – flashcards; Auditory – listen to math facts; Kinesthetic – write down on worksheet
  • GIVES them the ANSWERS which cuts down on frustration, gradually expects more of them.
  • With the struggling learner, do math in short increments, modeling & giving lots of input – not expecting them to do it themselves until they get it.

Teaching Textbooks

  • Easier curriculum, but still moves pretty quickly.
  • Continuously review previous activities.
  • Make sure they’re watching the lecture & doing their work
  • Modify by using calculator if that’s needed. Set a timer if taking too long.

Apologia Science

  • Love it! Intensive learning in one subject: Astronomy, Botany, Flying Creatures, Sea Creatures, Land Animals, Human Anatomy, Chemistry & Physics.  Starting in 1st
  • Fun, hands-on activities. Optional notebook to keep track of activities.



Mystery of History (Volumes 1-4)

  • Written in an interesting, conversational form
  • Start at 2nd Can go 2nd-5th, then repeat 6th-9th.
  • Has great activities & weekly review. Has suggestions for books to read to go with the time periods.  Has mapping activities for each week.
  • Get the PDF of the worksheets & print them off & make notebooks for your students in the summer so they’re ready.
  • Suggestions for timeline & notecards.
  • You can have a reader preread the book & do the notebooking worksheet (or folderbooks/lapbooks) available from MOH.
  • Try using the “Challenge Cards”
  • I read the lesson aloud while my children color pages & take notes using Myhomeschoolprintables. We have used the timeline cards from Myhomeschoolprintables to make timeline games.  You can prep these in the summer.

Notgrass History

  • Includes Bible, Language Arts and History all in one.
  • 5th grade through high school
  • America the Beautiful is TERRIFIC – but the reading books are more appropriate for 4-6th For older ones, assign extra or different books.  Includes mapping activities!  (Note: I haven’t done “From Adam to Us” or “Uncle Sam”)

Geography Songs CD

Window on the World

Christian Heroes Then & Now by Janet & Geoff Benge

  • Our favorite read alouds.


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