From Creation to Christ – An Advent Devotional – Day 12

My family has loved doing advent devotionals for years, so I decided to write my own. I pray it blesses your family as much as it’s blessed mine.

You can purchase the whole book in print or in an ebook format on Amazon. You can download a printable set of ornaments here or draw or make your own!

Day 12: King David

Picture / Ornament: Slingshot

Scripture: 1 Samuel 17:3-11, 32-51; 2 Samuel 5: 3-4; 2 Samuel 7:8-9, 16;
Acts 13:21-23, Psalm 27

Song: Little Drummer Boy

Not too long after baby Obed was born, the Israelite people decided they wanted a king to rule over them. The first king that God chose for them was named Saul. Unfortunately, King Saul stopped trusting God, so God chose a new man to be the king of Israel.

The second king of Israel was David, the great-grandson of Boaz and Ruth. Just like the people doubted that they could enter the Promised Land, they doubted that they could defeat the Philistines. David, though, was different. David, like Joshua and Caleb, trusted God. Even though David was young and small, especially compared to the giant Goliath, David trusted that God is greater than even the greatest giant. David believed that God could defeat Goliath through his meager strength.

David continued to trust God even when the people around him doubted. Have you ever trusted God even when your friends didn’t? It can be hard to follow God when your friends don’t, but God is able to do mighty things when we follow Him. We can trust God every day and in every way. God is all-powerful.

Many years after young David defeated the giant Goliath, David was crowned the king of Israel. God used David to bless the Israelite people in many ways, including writing many psalms of faith, such as Psalm 27.

One day God spoke to King David through a prophet named Nathan. God told David that his kingdom and his throne would last forever. How could that be? King David died like every other man who ever lived. But it is possible because of the only eternal king, King Jesus, who was a descendant of King David.

King Jesus is the everlasting, eternal, unstoppable King of kings. One day Jesus will return to rule over the new heavens and the new earth.

Today is a great day to make the all-powerful and all-good King Jesus the KING of your heart.

Remember … Christmas is all about Jesus.

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