Can you see the birds?

Can you see the birds? Neither can I – but I know they’re there because I can hear them.

I could plug my ears and pretend the birds aren’t singing. I could make excuses for the sounds I hear – maybe someone is playing a birdsong CD inside that bush. But I’d only be lying to myself. The clear and logical answer is that birds are singing inside that bush.

We can’t see God, but we know that He exists because we can see what He has made. We can pretend the world evolved over millions of years – but we would be lying to ourselves.

Thank You, Father, for the beauty and majesty of your creation. Thank You for giving us a conscience that we know deep in our hearts that we are sinners in need of a Savior. Lord, I pray that as we see spring bursting into life around us, that we would fall on our faces and confess Jesus Christ as Lord to the glory of God, our Father. Amen

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