He’s Risen – He’s Alive – The Tomb is Empty

My heart has been heavy this week. I feel surrounded by death and sorrow.

But my hope is not in anything that this world has to offer. My hope is not in a better government or in better healthcare.

My hope is in Jesus Christ – His love, His justice, His power to triumph over sin and death. Where is Your hope?

Please join me in prayer to the One who holds our future, the source of our living hope.

Dear Lord Jesus, Darkness, sorrow, and death surround us. They press in on every side. The world feels hopeless – but our HOPE is in YOU. You are still on Your throne. You have risen and You are coming again. We look forward to Your return with hope. May we be found waiting and watching and hastening that day. I pray that we would live holy and godly lives, sharing the good news of Your resurrection and return with those who have no hope. Thank You for Your grace and forgiveness, without which we would be lost and hopeless. We love You and can’t wait to see You face to face. Amen

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