Behold the man … Behold our God

Read through the Bible in 2 years: John 19

“And the soldiers twisted together a crown of thorns and put it on his head and arrayed him in a purple robe. They came up to him, saying, “Hail, King of the Jews!” and struck him with their hands.” – John 19:2-3 ESV

When I was growing up, I was such a sarcastic person. I regularly poked fun at others to get laughs and attention for myself at their expense, so reading this passage breaks my heart. I see now the cruelty of these soldiers as they mock Jesus, pressing a crown of thorns on his head, dressing him in a purple robe, saying “Hail, King of the Jews,” while they slap his face.

In verse 4, Pilate says, “Behold the man,” then moments later in verse 14, Pilate says, “Behold your king.”

Yet the chief priests – the Jewish chief priests – say, “We have no king but Caesar,” and my heart again breaks again.

My heart breaks for all those people in our world who have turned their backs on the king who came to save us. My heart breaks for the Jews who missed their Messiah who came for them, His own people. And my heart breaks for all of those Christians who are too busy to behold their king.

But my heart also breaks for Jesus Himself.

Can you imagine how it would feel to come into the world that you yourself had made, to take on human form and be born as a baby, to live among your own chosen people, and speak to that weak after week from more than 2 years, to perform miracle after miracle to really prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you indeed are the long awaited messiah, only to hear your own people say not only “Crucify him,” but “We have no king but Caesar.”

They did not say, “We have no king but Almighty God.” They said, “We have no king but Caesar.”

Who is your king? The reigning president of the United States? The previous president of the United States? Maybe a president of another nation of the world?

Maybe money? Fame? The news media?

Your kids? Your stomach? Your couch? Your bed? Your phone?

What do you live for and serve and obey?

Let’s say together, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. As for me and my house, we will have no king but Jesus.”

Will you pray with me?

Oh, Heavenly Father,

How I long to behold you, to see you face-to-face, to gaze upon Your glory. Hold me close to you. Bind me to you. Let me not wander away out of fear of the disapproval of man. May the fear of God be stronger than the fear of man in my life. Help me to remember that You are for me and if You are for me, what can man do to me?

Keep me from having a biting, sarcastic tongue. May my words be apples of gold in a setting of silver, full of grace and mercy and seasoned with salt.

I pray for the leaders of my nation and the leaders of all the nations of the world. I pray that they will bow the knee before King Jesus, that they will humble themselves before You. Lord, I praise You as Daniel did so many years ago – You are who changes times and seasons; You are who removes kings and sets up kings; You are who gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding.” (Daniel 2:21 ESV) Make our nation’s leaders like King Nebuchadnezzar who said to Daniel, “Truly, your God is God of gods and Lord of kings, and a revealer of mysteries, for you have been able to reveal this mystery.”” (Daniel 2:47 ESV)

Let us behold You, seated on Your throne. Let us worship and adore You alone, for nothing compares to You.

In the name of Jesus we pray,


Behold our God in Chinese

Behold, Our God!


Who has held the oceans in His hands

Who has numbered every grain of sand

Kings and nations tremble at His voice

All creation rises to rejoice






Behold our God seated on His throne

Come let us adore Him

Behold our Kingnothing can compare

Come let us adore Him!






Who has given counsel to the Lord

Who can question any of His Words

Who can teach the One who knows all things

Who can fathom all His wondrous deeds






Who has felt the nails upon His hands

Bearing all the guilt of sinful man

God eternal humbled to the grave

Jesus, Savior risen now to reign!






Men: You will reign forever!


Women: Let Your glory fill the earth!


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